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We currently offer a complete web-based Interlending software package for the UK. This package includes both staff-use web applications and a web application for your library's patrons to use. Both are based on Microsoft's SQL Server and ASP.NET system.  Some of Clio's most exciting features include:

If you would like to read the very lengthy list of all of Clio's features, we have that available here on our website too.  Better yet, contact Larry at larry@cliosoftware.com to schedule an online demonstration and see Clio for yourself!

Technical Requirements for local installation of Patron interface

The latest version of ClioWeb, the patron web interface portion of the Clio system, is a Microsoft ASP.NET web application and must run on a Microsoft web server, 2003 or later, with IIS 6.0 or greater and ASP.Net 2.0. This can be a machine that already exists, as long as ClioWeb can have its own Virtual Directory. A Virtual Machine works just fine. ClioWeb takes up very little space on a web server. The ClioWeb application will need read/write access to the central Clio database file. That file can be located wherever makes sense in your particular network, but it will need to be accessible to both the ClioWeb ASP web application and the library staff's Clio workstations.  Lastly, you will need access to an SMTP server for sending email and a user account on either a POP or IMAP server for receiving email.